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Ethics and Value Training in the United Kingdom

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Ethics and value training in London 🇬🇧 To help chart a bold and new path for ethics and values in Nigeria. The training is meant to reorient participants on ethics and values.

There is a serious decline in our national ethics of discipline as mentioned in my book The Ethical Dilemma - charting a bold and new path for ethics and values in Nigeria.

The training will be held in the United Kingdom by the Centre for Regional and International Development (CRID)

I have been invited to share Nigerian experience and I Tajudeen Toyin-Oke recommend that you attend the training schedule to hold in London, UK.

NOTE: Limited space available.

Download DOCX • 18KB

Developing Effective Local Government Ethics and Compliance Systems

Why Attend the Program

Develop skills which will help understand values of public service and cultural

matters. better able to analyze the importance of accountability and use of clear messages in the workplace. understand the fundamentals of ethics, ethical fitness testing, and the strategies for building ethical organizations will be able to reinforce principles of ethics at the workplace, and the role of personal, professional, and public service

values in relation to ethics. understand the concept of ethical continuum,

legal compliance and relevant laws. become able to create internal compliance and ethics programs and manage ethics and compliance processes.

(#ethics #theethicaldilemma #uk #nigeria) as stated in my book the ethical dilemma 'ethics enjoins the reader to consistently work towards the realization of good governance and ethically driven leadership in Nigeria.

I highly urge every Nigerian to read this book "The ethical Dilemma- Charting a bold and new path for ethics and values in Nigeria" irrespective of their religious and tribal affiliation, stations in life, to enable us chart a new path for a better Nigeria. REGISTER HERE

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