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The Fundamental Decline in Ethics, Values, Honesty and Decency

lack of growth in economy as a result of greed and corruption

The decline of ethics and values in Nigeria is a serious concern. If we look at the way people live, it is evident that the value of life has been lost and that has led to many lives being lost due to a lack of morality.

The Decline of Ethics and Value in Nigeria

The situation is grim as corruption has become rampant in the country. It is a fact that corruption has worsened to such an extent that it has become a way of life for many individuals who have no qualms about using public funds for their own personal gains. This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately by all stakeholders concerned, especially those who are responsible for raising our young generations with proper values and ethics.

It is important also to say that Nigeria is not alone in this regard because other countries around the world are also struggling with similar challenges which include poor leadership skills, poor education systems, inadequate health care facilities and other factors such as poverty, hunger and unemployment etc. These challenges have been identified as major problems faced by most African countries today which together account for over half of the world’s population!

The Decline of Morality

corruption in Nigeria which has become very prevalent in recent times. Corruption has been identified as one of the main causes of all kinds of problems in Nigeria today including poverty and unemployment among others. It is true that corruption exists everywhere but it seems to be more rampant in Nigeria today because many people who are corrupt gain political power which gives them access to huge sums of money which they use for their personal gains or even worse.

Takeaway: I think we should encourage people to be digitally literate for smarter change as most Nigerians do not think about culture and values anymore, they only believe in what they see on television and other digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

most Nigerians have neglected their civic responsibility and only lead to the part that best suits them...

The ethical dilemma - Charting a Bold and New Path for Ethics and Values in Nigeria is meant to reorient the ethical and moral behavior of Nigerians and in the process afford the reader the opportunity to take a holistic review of Nigeria's ethical crisis and moral dilemma since independence.

I present a unique theory of change for the transformation of Nigeria and Nigerians through the agency of ethical revitalization and orientation. Theories of change either fly and succeed, or they are shot down and fail. Either way, the responsibility is not in the theory itself to succeed or fail, but on three classes of people: Those sponsoring the change, those supporting the change and those opposed to the change. A good theory of change is always pointing in a particular direction, and it comes with promises, prospects and refreshing perspectives for doing new things in the environment.

We are breeding too many influential individuals at the expense of our institutions. When the institutions established to monitor, detect, and prevent wrong behavior and apprehend and prosecute perpetrators are weak, such acts tend to become sustained.

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